we are about changing lives throughout the northwest quadrant of jacksonville.

Who We Are

The northwest quadrant of Jacksonville, FL is both an amazing community filled with great history and resilient residents and a depressed community, housing many of the issues that plague inner city or urban core communities. It is a segment of a growing city that has been negligent due to a lack of value and appreciation of its residents and the embedded community assets. Yet, the belief it currently has the capacity to be viable and thriving remains. With all residents face, there is hope we can and will be transformed. Thus, Transforming Communities Community Development Corporation (Transforming Communities) was birthed.

Created in August 2015, Transforming Communities Community Development Corporation (Transforming Communities) is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in the northwest quadrant of Jacksonville, FL. Formed from St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in response to a long-standing history of seeing economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and surrounding community deterioration, Transforming Communities will work with public and private stakeholders to achieve a comprehensive strategy that will restore and improve the quality of life of residents and provide community reinvestment and revitalization.